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LOSA7750 / Losi LOSA7750 1/8 Buggy Felge, Weiß (4) - 4er Set der felgen

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Losi LOSA7750 1/8 Buggy Felge, Weiß (4)



It was only a matter of time before Team Losi turned their engineering and manufacturing experience loose on 1/8th scale buggy tires.

At a Glance

The wait is over and once again the development crew at Team Losi have revolutionized a category with innovative design and race proven technology. Team Losi’s all new 1/8th scale buggy wheels & tires are designed to exceed the need of high-speed off-road nitro racing. The LOSA7750 (White) and 7751 (Yellow) dish racing wheels feature exclusive proprietary materials for remarkable strength while the track-tested design offers the lightest wheels currently available. Both of these attributes offer improved performance on any of the current crop of 1/8th scale buggies. But wait… there’s more! Keeping the tires on the wheels has long been a tough task. The new Team Losi Wheels have a vertical channel that runs around the mounting bead that accommodates a matching glue flange on their new LOSA7760 Step-Pin tire. The tire is secured not only around the outer edge of the rim but around the face of the rim as well. This secondary gluing surface should eliminate blowouts and loose tires for good. The new 1/8 Step-Pin Tires feature the same race winning tread design that has made it the most popular nitro truck tire in the country. The carcass and the included foam inserts have been developed specifically for the rigors of off-road racing. Best of all Team Losi’s exclusive “Silver” rubber compound is used for the best combination of grip and wear. These new wheels and tires are also offered preglued to allow you to get on the track quicker. (LOSA17760S)

Exclusive proprietary materials
Remarkable strength
Track-tested design offers the lightest wheels currently available

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