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PL-1120-02 / PL MOAB 2.2" M3 Compound Rock Terrain / ProLine / Reifen

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MOAB 2.2" Rock Terrain / ProLine / Reifen
M3 Compound

The thinking that bigger is better remains true. These were the thoughts behind the new MOAB 2.2” tire for 1:10 scale trucks

The MOAB tire is one of Pro-Line’s today’s most popular rock crawling tires to date. Well look out rock crawling enthusiast Pro-Line has your needs covered now more than ever with the release of the MOAB in the super soft M3 material! The M3 is specially formulated to give your tire more flex and traction, adhering to the surface below. The MOAB tire is the largest 1:10 truck tire that Pro-Line offers and has a huge contact patch combined with an aggressive tread pattern that will keep you hooked up from just about any angle. 

Contains: (2) MOAB 2.2" Rock Terrain Truck Tires for Front or Rear

The full-bodied tread gives your truck traction from just about any angle. Rock climbers will be especially excited about the sidewall tread as it allows them to create traction from just about any angle. Still not convinced the MOAB is for you, then check this out. The MOAB’s diameter allows for a half-inch greater ground clearance than standard size 2.2” tires, comes complete with foam inserts.

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