SZ-KITESC / SZ Chassis Kit with ESC (No Servo, No Motor)

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SZ-KITESC / SZ Chassis Kit with ESC (No Servo, No Motor) - Bild 1
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SZ - The next generation of Shaft Drive 1:28 competition chassis

  • Ultimate low CG of Ball differential, SZ has the lowest position of CG amout all 4wd cars on the market. (Note, Ball differential is the part giving the heaviest gyroscopic effect of a car when running).
  • Drive chain is not at the center line, but it is moved 1.5mm to right hand side, by doing this, we can move the heavy motor toward to the center of the chassis
  • And the result is we have a chassis which has high stability and stunning fast cornering speed.
  • Drive chain out drive is delrin parts, which is flexible material offering buffer and impact absorption to protect other parts in a crash.
  • Easy Adjustment of Roll Center, Anti-Squat, Pro-Squat, Camber Angle, Camber gain can be adjusted freely.
  • Dust proof differential gear box, it is essential on RCP tracks since the tire debris will hurt the smoothness of the ball diff very much. dust proof is a must have funtion on form tracks.
  • Quick adjustment of differential tension; there is a hole on the gear box that we can easily adjust the tension of ball diff without desmouting any parts.
  • Front and Rear Camber angle is adjustable. (*optional front camber adjustable arm is available as option)
  • Caster Angle adjustment, increase corner speed and acceleration stability. (*optional front camber adjustable arm is available as option)
  • Camber link position adjustable, to change roll center and camber gain.
  • Rear Roll Center, Anti-Squat, Pro-Squat adjustment
  • Segmented drive system, and floating gear box minimized the torque steer effect of shaft drive..
  • Long Dampr Shocks available as option for low grip track condition.
  • Chassis kit with ESC (brushless speed controller by HobbyWing)

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