GLA-V2.1-001-KSET / GLA-V2.1 1/27 4WD Chassis [ GLA-V2.1 ] 98mm

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GLA-V2.1-001-KSET / GLA-V2.1 1/27 4WD Chassis [ GLA-V2.1 ] 98mm - Bild 1
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GL is pleased to release our GLA V2.1 . The servo portion of it is using our latest option parts to lower the centre of gravity. The differences of it from V2 are:
1. Stock towers were made by highly durable Nylon
2. New version servo mount (GLA-V2-039)
3. GLR Servo (GL003-DMG) with Servo saver (GLA-041)


The GLAv2.1 Manual Supplement:

Product description:

Welcome to the next evolution of 1:27/28 mini scale racing. GL Racing has launched our GLA V2.1 which was built based on our best selling V1 and performance continues remained as our focus.

An easy to drive car chassis by all mean the key is to let you driving faster and resulting better performance. Most important, have fun!

GLA-V2.1 is a high end chassis designed for experienced mini-Z or 1:10 touring car racers. We recommended it for age of 14+ years old. Like all other high end touring car kits, we have included everything to give you a competitive chassis right out of the box, option parts are for fine tune settings or latest enhancements.









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